Bump it up. Bump it down.

YOU choose the music at your local bar or restaurant.  Allow friends to shape your private party.  Let guests engage with your next event. Easily retain control, the library is your playlists. 

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Join the Mixx

Add your favorite songs to the mixx playlist. Vote songs up and down with your friends to control what plays live.

Find Nearby Fun

Bars, restaurants, events and other venues will appear on the nearby map. It's easy to see where you can go to control the music with MobMixx.

Raise Your Voice

Purchase credits to get extra votes :) Bump your songs to the top or vote others down. Increase your control of the mixx.

Host the Party

Easily create public or private venues. Build a mixx library with YOUR playlists. Just plug in your iPhone/iPod and let people play.